William Rickles, MD, MS

Multimodal Psychiatric Practice....



I offer individualized care, tailored to the patient and not to a schedule of treatments determined by HMO’s or insurance companies. Alternative methods are not promoted nor are they opposed. The goal is to find a proper mix of treatments which involves a partnering style of therapeutic relationship between patient and doctor.

What is a Multi-Modal Practice?

 A treatment modality is a particular method of treatment, for example: physical therapy, medication, or surgery are different modalities of physical treatment while psychotherapy, stress management or biofeedback are psychological modalities. Some conditions need only one modality for successful treatment, while others require more than one.

Why Multi-Modal Practice?

Some conditions clearly do best with a combination of treatment modalities and Mono-therapy will fail in such cases. These people often seem to fall between the cracks of specialties and may spend a good deal of time and money going from specialist to specialist trying to get help. Such people often require Multi-Modal therapy for treatment to succeed. For example, people suffering from the distressing and life style altering symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) frequently cannot get adequate relief by medication and diet manipulation alone. In these cases the effects of stress on their gut is overwhelming the treatment modality of medication and diet. Addition of other modalities such as stress reduction training and/or psychotherapy to further identify self-generated stressors may be required to obtain relief of symptoms.